Warsaw Airport Train

It is without a doubt the best option to get straight to Warsaw City Centre.

In 2012, there was built the air link that connects Warsaw Chopin Airport with the railway station (built as part of Terminal A) to Warsaw city centre.


The rail link just joints Warsaw Airport with the city within 20 minutes!


Two companies operate the rail link service between Warsaw Airport and the city centre:

  • Szybka Kolej Miejska – SKM (Fast Urban Railway- Lines, S2 and S3)
  • Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways)



-Szybka Kolej Miejska – SKM

Lines S2 and S3 offer direct service between both locations.


S2 route: Warsaw Airport to Sulejówek Milosna

This route lets you get to key locations within downtown Warsaw.

Opening hours:

  • From Warsaw Airport: Daily, from 06:07 am to 23:09 pm.
  • From Sulejówek Milosna: Daily, from 04:55 am to 23:24 pm.


S3 route: Warsaw Airport to Warsaw Centrum (Central Railway Station)

By this route transfer to Wasaw Centrum Station, from where you will be able to connect to further services and other destinations.

Opening hours:

  • From Warsaw Airport: Daily, from 06:22 am to 23:24 pm.
  • From Warsaw Centrum: Daily, from 05:35 am to 23:40 pm.


Travelling tip: Additionally, by taking S2 route and taking of at Warszawa Wschodnia, you can board S30 line, which lead you to Legionowo Piaski/Wieliszew.



-Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways)

It is also possible to board Masovian Railways trains from Warsaw Airport.

For further information, please visit its website.




The rail station in Warsaw Airport is just an underground station, which means it is located beneath Terminal A.




The ticket fares are the situated in Zone 1 of the ticket tariff.


ZTM, which stands for the public transport institution (buses, SKM train), establishes the following fares for Zone 1 of the ticket tariff:


  • 20-minute ticket: PLN 3.40
  • Single-fare transfer tickets (75 minutes): PLN 4.40
  • Single-fare transfer tickets (90 minutes): PLN 7.00
  • Single-fare transfer group ticket: PLN 22.00
  • One-day ticket: PLN 15.00
  • 3-day ticket: PLN 36.00
  • Weekend ticket: PLN 24.00
  • Group weekend ticket: PLN 40.00


See the following website for further information regarding fares.



Where do I buy my ticket?

You may purchase your ticket at the Passenger Information Point, which is located in the arrivals hall, at the ticket machines located next to the rail station, or from the ticket machines available in the train (regarding buses, you can purchase your ticket on board to the driver).