Warsaw Airport Informational Guide to Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) - Non Official

Warsaw Chopin Airport Parking

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Warsaw Chopin Airport Parking has 3,240 spaces in three parking areas (P1, P2, P4, Premium Car Park and Bus Terminal) and 89 additional spaces in the Kiss & Fly Zone.

Please note that P3 parking is closed to passengers.

Kiss & Fly

Stopping in front of Warsaw Airport Terminal is permitted for a short duration, only to drop off passengers and bags.

- AB zone: There is a single bay on access road A.
- CDE zone: There are a couple of bays on access road A and two additionally bays on access road B.


- Up to 7 minutes: Free
- 7 to 15 minutes: PLN 30
- More than 15 minutes: PLN 1 per minute

Premium Car Park

This is the highest standard car park in Warsaw Chopin Airport.

It includes 58 guarded parking lots. It has a cost of PLN 30 for each voucher.


- 30 minutes: PLN 20
- Up to 60 minutes: PLN 35
- Each additional hour or part thereof: PLN 15
- 1 day: PLN 230
- 2 days: PLN 310
- 3 days: PLN 390
- 4 days: PLN 435
- 5 days: PLN 515
- 6 to 10 days: PLN 595
- 11 to 15 days: PLN 675
- Each additional day or part thereof: PLN 20

Parking P1 and P2 - Short stay car park

Located opposite to Warsaw Airport Terminal. It is the most convenient option to collect or drop off passengers.

Note that the long term parking is also available at both parking booths.


P1 and P2 have the same rates*:

- Each hour: PLN 12
- 1 day: PLN 120
- 2 days: PLN 200
- 3 days: PLN 280
- 4 days: PLN 360
- 5 days: PLN 440
- 6 to 10 days: PLN 250
- 11 to 15 days: PLN 300
- Each additional day or part thereof: PLN 20

*Prices are subject to change

Short term parking for disabled persons is provided on the airport access roads on both departures and arrivals levels.

Parking P4- Long-term car park

For passengers that want to use parking for more than one day. It has a capacity for 1,000 cars.

P4 is located to the right of Courtyard by Marriott (facing the hotel).


- 1 to 5 days: PLN 220
- 6 to 10 days: PLN 250
- 11 to 15 days: PLN 300
- Each additional day: PLN 10

Parking P3 - Only Employees

Parking 3 is exclusively for employees, it is not permitted to enter nor park.